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Lantern Library (Maktabal Alfanoos)

Lantern Library (Maktabat Alfanoos) aims at providing Arab children with opportunities to enjoy reading books with their parents and teachers in order to instill love of books in children from a young age and to deepen the culture of dialogic book reading with children. The program is lead by the Israel Ministry of Education and is supported by the Greenspoon Foundation and Price Charities.

This year, more than 45,000 preschool children in Israel's Arab communities will receive high quality picture books to bring home and read with their families. Over 1,200 preschools will receive two copies of each book. Four books will be distributed, beginning in January.

The books were selected by a professional team, comprised of experts in early childhood education, Arabic language, and children literature. The last pages of each book include suggestions for topic discussions and activities for parents and children.

Bidayat centers participate in developing and implementing the program by having a representative in the book selection and curricular development committee and by planning and conducting training courses for teachers and parents, as well as orientation and study days for teachers.

Arab Early Childhood Education (Bidayat)

The Price Family Charitable Fund supports Arab early childhood education by funding Bidayat, Arabic for "Beginnings". Bidayat focuses on courses and educational programs for teachers, students learning to become teachers and parents within the Arab community. The program consists of workshops and other enrichment programs designed for enhancing participants’ understanding and implementation of updated, culturally sensitive educational approaches. Special emphasis is put on quality interaction between adults and children in varied contexts such as mutual play and dialogical reading. 

Bidayat operates in two centers. The original Bidayat program is located at Al Qasemi College in Baqa. Baqa is northeast of Tel Aviv in a region of Israel with a high concentration of Arab Israeli citizens. In 2010, the Knesset awarded Al Qasemi a certificate of excellence for its organizational values and culture. A second Bidayat location operates in Jaffa, which is adjacent to Tel Aviv.

Bidayat Al Qasemi works collaboratively with two large municipalities—Baqa and Uhm-El Fahm, on a comprehensive program aimed at promoting early childhood education. In addition the center conducts each year over 30 courses for early childhood professionals in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of education. Bidayat Jaffa has established itself as the Early Childhood main adult learning center in Jaffa and also as a major outlet for joint activities for parents and children.

Jerusalem Zoo (The Tisch Family Zoological Garden)

The Jerusalem Zoo was the inspiration of former Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek. His concept was to create a place in the heart of Jerusalem where people of diverse backgrounds, both Jews, religious and secular, and Arabs would meet in a beautiful, peaceful environment. His concept has been tremendously successful and evidenced by the Jerusalem Zoo becoming the number one tourist attraction in Israel.

The Price Family Charitable Fund has participated in funding a number of exhibits including an education building, an exhibit area for Australian animals, and most recently, The Wetside Story which is a water feature exhibit that features information about water conservation and aquariums.