About Us

Price Charities (originally San Diego Revitalization Corporation) is a public operating foundation established by Sol Price in 2000.  Price Charities' primary purpose is operating a not for profit real estate business in the San Diego community of City Heights. Major activities include developing and managing office and residential activities and employing resources to improve the quality of life for residents of City Heights.  Price Charities also operates Aprender Y Crecer, an educational program that distributes school supplies to public elementary schools in Central America and the Caribbean region.

The Price Family Charitable Fund ("The Fund") is a private family foundation created by Sol and Helen Price in 1983. The Fund grants money to support non-profit agencies and institutions, primarily in San Diego County. In addition, the Fund operates the Aaron Price Fellows Program. The Aaron Price Fellows Program was founded in 1991 to honor the memory of Aaron Price, son of Robert and Allison Price and grandson of Sol and Helen Price. The program is a three year high school leadership experience for San Diego public high school students.

Sol Price - During his forty year retail career (1954-1993), Sol Price revolutionized the retail world and, in the process, gave consumers lower prices and a better quality of life. Both at FedMart Stores (1954-1975) and Price Club (1976-1993), his entrepreneurial talent moved retailing to a new level of excellence while providing top wages and benefits to thousands of FedMart and Price Club employees. Sol Price delivered great value to his stockholders, including himself and his family.

Sol Price was born and raised in New York City, the son of Jewish labor socialist immigrant parents from Russia. He received his law degree from the University of Southern California in 1938, the same year he married his wife Helen who was born and raised in San Diego, California. Sol and Helen Price moved to San Diego in 1939 where Sol Price practiced law and where he and Helen raised their two children, Robert and Larry.

Sol Price combined his interest and skill in business with his strong commitment to social justice. His commitment to social justice and fairness included a lifetime support for candidates of the Democratic Party. Both in his business life, and later, in his philanthropic work, Sol Price was a courageous and passionate fighter for consumer rights and for society's less fortunate.

Sol Price leaves two notable legacies. One is to consumers in the United States and around the world - more value for their money and a better quality of life. His other lasting legacy is the two charitable foundations that he established, the Price Family Charitable Fund and Price Charities. These foundations continue to make a positive contribution to the community of San Diego and beyond.